Welcome to the Bethel History page. You are invited to scroll through these pages, and learn more about the historic First African Methodist Episcopal Church: Bethel. Our history has been a true faith walk, which has often been rocky, but through it all we have persevered. We start our journey, by looking at the many valiant, spirit-filled servants of God who have led us since our founding in 1819.

First Name Last Name Years as Pastor
William Lambert 1819    
Henry Hardin 1820
Richard Robinson 1843-45
John Boggs 1845-46
Richard Robinson 1846-48
Eli Hall 1848-50
Levin Tillman 1850-52
Jabez P. Campbell 1852-53
Israel Scott 1853-54
John R. Morgan 1854-56
William Moore 1856-58
Deaton Dorell 1858-60
George Meir 1860-61
James D. S. Hall 1861-63
Richard C. Gibbs 1863-65
Henry Davis 1865-68
Leonard Patterson 1868-69
Nelson H. Turoin 1869-72
Deaton Dorell 1872-73
Henry J. Young 1873-74
James S. Williams 1874-77
William Dickerson 1877-80
T. McCants Stewart 1880-83
William H. Griffith 1883-88
Robert T. Hurley 1888-90
Theodore Gould 1890-92
John Stansbury 1892-94
J.M. Henderson 1894-98
William D. Cook 1898-02
Thomas W. Henderson 1902-07
Reverdy C. Ransom 1907-12
Benjamin W. Arnette 1912-17
A. R. Cooper 1917-20
M.W. Thornton 1920-25
H.K. Spearman 1925-28
A.C. Sanders 1928-29
F. A. Clark 1929-34
H. P. Anderson 1934-38
J.A. Portlock 1938-46
H.B. Thompson 1946-47
C. E. Stewart 1947-50
Richard A. Hildebrand 1950-65
Henderson R. Hughes 1965-80
O'Neil Mackey, Sr. 1980-01
Henry A. Belin III 2001-

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Rev. Henry A. Belin III, Pastor

Rev. Ron McCune, Presiding Elder

Rt. Rev. Julius Harrison McAllister, Sr.

Presiding Bishop

Office Hours

We are here to welcome you! For non-emergencies, please visit us during our office hours:



10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Religious Services


10:00 a.m.- Morning Worship

1st Sunday- Holy Communion

3rd Sunday- Baptism





7:00 p.m.-   Bible Study

7:00 p.m.-   Love Feast (Tuesday before 1st Sunday)



11:00 a.m.- Bible Study

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